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  • The Stretchy Wrap Deluxe is a custom fit wrap with high secureness. Perfect for newborns but also for bigger babies. In this typical Dutch print you will have a unique look!

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  • This wrap is secure, very comfy and cute. And you? You get to have your love close whilst having your hands available for other things too! Carry your love on your belly or hip with this ByKay.  The ByKay Stretchy Wrap Deluxe is made of 100% baby friendly cotton. It is a stretchy comfortable soft carrier made of Jersey. Carry your newborn up to approx....

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  • Your everyday wrap! This stretchy wrap is mostly used for newborns, because of the softness of the fabric. Newborns will feel comfy in this wrap whilst being close to you. It's how they felt being in the womb all over again. The perfect secureness! These soft and easy stretchy wraps are made of 100% baby friendly cotton. Carry your love, all ways! 

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  • Children copy! It’s so easy to tie a carrier; even your 4 year old toddler is able to do it. They will be so proud when walking around with their own ‘baby’ in the carrier, just like daddy or mommy. And don’t forget: as the twig is bent, the tree is inclined!

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